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HPinternals - Singapore Handphone Portal - news, articles, reviews, upcoming phones, prices, forum

NoVia Forums - the place to be where everyone comes alive


CMF - Case Modding Forum

diyAudio - DIYs of audio related

Hardwarezone - computer hardwares forum

SPUG - Singapore Palm User Group

XtremePlace - Home Theater forum

Echo Loft - Audiophiles forum


amnesia's hideaway | amnesia's stuffs - by amnesia

Damit's Weblog | Nyanko's Basket - by Damit

idrop.org - by namska

Kale's Weblog - by Kale

Academic links:

NUS - main NUS website

School of Computing - School of Computing of NUS

SoC Online Module Registration - Registration of modules

SoC Facilities and Services - Useful info on how to use several services in SoC like creating personal website, accessing bbs, accessing emails from Outlook, etc.

IVLE - students' and lecturers' means of communication

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