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Main Speaker


The Casing

I got a casing from my friend for free. The casing is one piece of die-cast aluminum. The aluminum is quite hard that drilling and filing is difficult to work with. The top layer and bottom is separated. I can put two 160va transformer at top side.

The bottom side have 3 compartments. Hmm... maybe I can use 2 for the amp and 1 for the bridge?

I just have to spray it. It originally have tiny white specs of I-dunno-what all over it. I have to sand it off and re-spray to cover whatever I have sanded.

I use a piece of soft plastic to cover the ordinal holes and to hole on to the sockets. In this picture, the plastic is not yet painted. I only test fit to see how well the sockets fit. I sprayed the plastic black in the finished version.

The Power Supply

Time to look at the power supply. A friend of mine offered to sell me a 160va 18-0-18 transformer cheaply. Since I needed a transformer, I grab the offer at once.

I decided to use the Double Bridge Rectifier, as there are lots of compliments on them.

Since I have a lot of MUR860, I decide to have separate power supply for each channel, only splitting the secondaries of the transformer. Ground is separated as well.

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