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Guide to crimping molex

by quekky

1st, you will need a crimping tool. This can be brought at slt for $12.


You will a molex and the 4 pins. The image is 1 of the pin. Also you need some cables (not shown)


Place the pin into one of the hole with the right size (size 26) as shown. The pin should not be too tight or too loose. You may need to press the side of the pin to fit in.


Another view from another angle, this time I press the handle together but did not squeeze tightly.


Strip around 5mm of the insulator from the wire. Place the wire into the pin. Estimate around 5mm of the insulator into pin. Press hard on the handle now.


Congrats, you have crimp your 1st pin! See, it's so easy as compared to using the pliers method, and much nicer too.


Push the pins into the molex. In this picture, I have only crimp 2 wires.

(written on 9th August 2002)

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 Last updated on 07-Feb-2004.