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Rescue CD Enhance FAQ

Why did you create this CD?

I always wanted to create a CD with a few diagnose and repair tools as well as a few installation OS so that I can bring around helping my friend to install OS or repair their systems. One fine day I stumbled on Bart's Corporate Modboot and decide to create a CD accordingly to his list of utilities. While reading the page, I found 911 Rescue CD and decided to use it instead. Then I realize that 911 Rescue CD does not support multiple OS, and from Twikie's How-to I found the instruction to multiple Windows 2000 in 1 CD, I decided to add multi-OS into my CD. As I was editing the boot menu, I thought to myself, why not create a package to help everyone out?

So here's how I came out with Rescue CD Enhance.

What is the difference with your version and 911 Rescue CD?

The major difference is: My version supports all the various Windows NT/2000/XP as well as ERD Commander 2002, Memtest86, and Acronis Softwares, directly off the CD menu. I use images as these programs do not run off DOS.

Minor difference: I removed BCD coz it doesn't support CDImage.exe, and edited the main batch file to support CDImage.exe. However in doing so, I killed the support for auto-slipstream. Instead of asking you to put all the utilities into a separate folder, I ask you to put them directly into the cd folder, thus no need to copy the files over to the cd folder and save some space (not much, around 55MB if you have everything.) Also I updated BScript, the CD boot menu selector.

There is no change to 911 Disk Builder.

Why don't you give us the ISO file?

As most of the tools are commercial, I could not release the ISO containing all the tools. You have to own the license to each tool in order to use them on your Rescue CD Enhance. In addition, since it is impossible to put all the versions of Windows into 1 CD, I'll have to create multiple releases, which will kill my bandwidth. And to release Windows will be like putting a shotgun in my mouth.

How do I create the CD?

After downloading the file, unrar to a folder of your choice, e.g. D:\rescuecdenhance

Follow the steps in "Instructions.htm" to create the Rescue CD Enhance.

Follow the steps in rescuecd_utils.htm to install the utilities.

Note: You will need 1 to 2 GB or more of free space on the drive you unrar to.

What is 911 Disk Builder?

I have included 911 Disk Builder 1.5 in the "911 Disk Builder" folder to aid in creating the various boot images needed by the Rescue CD Enhance. Read 911 Disk Builder 1.5 website for more info.

I want to help, how can I help?

You can help me test with various combination of Windows and email me thanking me.

If you have time, you can edit WINCDMAN so that it could be use to slipstream the various versions of Windows. Or your can edit 911 Disk Builder so that it can choose multiple Windows 9x/ME to install. Or you can write a program that will create main.mnu depending on which version of Windows are needed.

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