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Rescue CD Enhance

NOTE: The utilities used are of the older version and there will not be anymore support in installing of any of the utilities. Please visit 911 Rescue Software Disk for support on most of the utilities as well as newer version of 911 Rescue Software Disk.


Rescue CD Enhance is a bootable CD that may contains many tools that can be use in an emergency situation to rescue a system, or to test and install a new system. This could be the only 1 CD that PC technicians carry around the corporate.

Rescue CD Enhance is based on 911 Rescue CD. In addition, Rescue CD Enhance supports various Windows NT based OS installation, ERD Commander 2002, Memtest86, and Acronis Softwares.

Rescue CD Enhance supports running the setup of these Windows directly off the boot menu, without needing to boot into DOS to run the setup. Rescue CD Enhance also allows any combination of these Windows to be included into one CD.

Various Windows Versions
Windows NT 4 Workstation
Windows NT 4 Server
Windows 2000 Pro
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advance Server
Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
Windows XP Pro (Retail)
Windows XP Pro (Corp)
Windows XP Home (Retail)
Windows XP MCE
Windows XP Tablet

Rescue CD Enhance also allows you to run ERD Commander 2002, Memtest86, and Acronis Softwares without needing to boot into DOS. These tools allows you to repair, recover or diagnose your computer easily.

Rescue CD Enhance also allows booting into the DOS various bootdisk created from the included 911 Disk Builder so that you can run DOS diagnostic tools or install Windows 95/98/ME from the CD or network.

Rescue CD Enhance and 911Menu support these utitilies, even having the freewares are more than sufficient to setup or repair a system.



Rescue CD Enhance Utilities

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Rescue CD Enhance FAQ

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